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Overcoming Unseen Obstacles: How to Get More Women Into Leadership Positions

April 20, 2017 | Skillsoft | HCI

Historically, increasing the representation of women in leadership roles has been approached as a fairness issue rather than a business issue. But recent research suggests that increasing your organization’s female leadership can be a highly profitable decision as well.


The Disconnected Organisation – the need to empower our collective talent

December 14, 2016 | ProFinda | HCI

Throughout 2015-16 international talent solution provider ProFinda gathered data from almost 4,000 international knowledge workers revealing employees are wasting valuable work hours looking for support in their roles, as they are unable to identify internal expertise from within their own organisations. As already featured in Business Matters, Global Banking and Finance Review, Marketing and Communications News, The Marketing Blog and BDaily - the paper: The Disconnected Organisation shares this research data and aims to arm organisational leadership teams with a better understanding of their people’s needs and equip them to embrace new innovations.

Download your copy of The Disconnected Organisation today – available here.


Career Development: Preparing Yourself for the Unexpected

November 10, 2016 | Skillsoft | HCI

Career development is typically thought of as an intentional, well-planned, and mapped progression of upward or lateral movement as a result of experience, education, and competency development. But, as we all know, life rarely allows us the luxury of neatly checking off boxes in order to ‘level-up.’ When I think of the business climate today I’m very often reminded of this phrase, a favorite used by a college English professor of mine; ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.’

Blogself-directed learning digital age student

The Perpetual Student: Self-Directed Learning in the Digital Age

November 3, 2016 | Bridge | HCI

When is the last time you decided to teach yourself something new? What resources did you turn to for guidance? Years ago, we turned to parents or teachers or sought help from experts in the field. We made phone calls or even wrote letters to individuals we wanted to learn from in order to express our interest and open the lines of communication. In today’s interconnected world, you probably already know where to turn. New language? Duolingo. Programming? Codecademy. Hair and makeup, changing a tire or card tricks to perform at parties? Youtube. Now, our opportunities for learning are unlimited. There are few barriers to accessing information, and we are not constrained by library operating hours or geographic distance.

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