The Role of Corporate Learning & Development in the Digital Transformation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution


"See the opportunity in every difficulty.
Winston Churchill’s words offer compelling counsel as we look at the Learning & Development landscape in today’s transforming workplace.
Although “difficulties” may seem to abound, these challenges offer game-changing opportunities for leaders and organizations to take Learning to a higher level – where we prioritize Learning, and prepare employees for success in both their current and future roles.
In her thought-provoking presentation, SAP CLO Jenny Dearborn will discuss the six forces that are shaping the workplace of today and tomorrow. These forces are revolutionizing our long-held beliefs about life expectancy and the implications for career duration (up to 60 years!) and for Learning. As a result of these forces, Digital Learning is now the #2 topic on the minds of CEOs and HR leaders.  Yet there’s also a troubling disconnect between the demand for employees to learn and the supply of time (an average of just 24 minutes per week) that they have available for learning.
This session will explore how to transform these challenges into opportunities.
You will learn:

  • What these six disruptive forces are, and how they’re impacting companies, employees and Learning organizations
  • How SAP’s robust leadership development program is equipping their leaders for greater business impact, improving leadership trust and driving employee engagement
  • How you can close the demand/supply Learning gap – by prioritizing and protecting L&D -- so that employees can successfully manage their career aspirations, stay relevant and maximize their contributions to the organization.

Keynote Presenter

Jenny Dearborn

Chief Learning Officer and Senior Vice President, SAP