Bridging the Growth Divide: Using Frequent Conversations to Drive Engagement


Today organizations in every industry are experiencing a new "growth divide" whereby the access and speed of digital business are causing a breakdown of 20th-century people management practices like the annual performance review and development.

In this discussion, we will interview 3 HR leaders who have worked to bridge this growth divide in innovative ways. Join our panel and gain real-life examples and tools you can use in your own organizations.

You will learn how to:

  • Update your performance review process
  • Align your teams around goals companywide
  • Improve the quality of conversations between managers and their reports
  • Overcome challenges such as getting executive buy-in for new performance management technology, creating more opportunities for employee mobility, and incorporating better diversity initiatives


  • Communication tools designed to connect employees to team leaders
  • Blueprint needed to help achieve buy-in, employee mobility and diversity

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Rajeev Behera

Co-Founder and CEO, Reflektive


Kate Hyatt

Chief People Officer, Healthgrades

Pattie Money

Chief People Officer, SendGrid

Natasha Hoady

Senior Director, HR, Nutanix