Chuck Wolfe

CEO, Charles J. Wolfe Associates, LLC

Chuck is CEO of Charles J. Wolfe Associates, LLC, a leadership consulting company which offers motivational speaking, executive coaching, talent management, performance improvement, team building, and change management. Chuck has worked at prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School, US Army, US Coast Guard Leadership Academy, and Yale. In 1999 Chuck began working with Yale President Peter Salovey, one of the pioneering psychologists who discovered the science of emotional intelligence. Working with President Salovey and his colleagues, Chuck created the Emotion Roadmap, a process designed to easily integrate the science of emotional intelligence with real life practical applications.

His clients include top companies such as Fidelity, Exxon, ESPN, Coca Cola, AIG, Marriott Hotels, GE, Kaiser Permanente and many more. His past full time experiences include director of leadership development for Hartford Insurance and for Exxon.

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