Colleen Murray

Workshop Facilitator, Second City Works

Colleen Murray is an LA based actor with a unique combination of performance and business skills.  While pursuing acting and improvisation in Chicago, Colleen was simultaneously cultivating a strong business background as a licensed Salesperson in commercial real estate for a national building portfolio. Her combination of stage presence and sales acumen created the perfect blend for Colleen to be a Lead Workshop Facilitator & Program Designer with Second City Communications. Colleen delivers training for specific areas of professional development including Creative Thinking, Leadership and Executive Presence Coaching. In addition, she has hosted several annual corporate events, brainstorming sessions and Industrial trade shows.

Working in the world of business as an actor has provided opportunities to collaborate on several projects with Second City Works, including a series of commercial campaigns for TBS, helping to create a live Facebook event for Seattle's Best Coffee and writing industrial content for Old Navy. Colleen is also the co-writer and co-producer of an original comedy pilot called "Darcy & Tess",

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The Problem with Work? Not Enough Play

Asking for your employees to be engaged with their work without giving them the space, time, and skills to do so is like asking someone to get into physical shape without giving them access to a gym or any actionable information on diet or exercise.

Enabling engagement - like most things - comes with knowledge and practice. If you want your people to connect you must give them practice connecting.

That’s where Second City Works comes in. We take our play very seriously and our improv-based methodologies will provide you with engagement exercises that you can take back to the office to allow your employees to increase their focus, intention, empathy and overall commitment as individuals to the goals of your business.

You will learn:

Conversation tools that will make you rethink the unintentional intent that comes across to others
Improv tools that improve communication, conversations, and engagement
How to spread the fun while training ...

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