Emily Clawson

Intercultural Competence and Diversity & Inclusion Training Specialist, Peace Corps

Emily Clawson is an Intercultural Competence, Diversity & Inclusion Training Specialist at Peace Corps. She has her M.Div. from Harvard Divinity School, B.A. in Theology & Religious Studies and Communication Studies from University of San Diego, and Multiple Subjects teaching credential from UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Sciences. Emily loves creating and facilitating transformative educational programming. Prior to her current role, she served as Interreligious Coordinator, and then Assistant Director for Outreach, at Georgetown University Law Center in the Office of Campus Ministry. Additionally, she has instructed courses on Civic Leadership & Community Transformation through Northwestern University’s Civic Education Project, taught middle school in Los Angeles Unified School District, served as an interfaith chaplain, and facilitated international learning programs.
Emily served on the Conflict Transformation team at the Henry Martyn Institute: International Centre for Research, Interfaith Relations, and Reconciliation in Hyderabad, India upon being awarded a 2011 Greeley International Grant for the Promotion of Interreligious Understanding, Peace, & Social Justice.

Upcoming Conference Sessions Featuring Emily Clawson


Approaching Differences with Intercultural Competency: The Self-Other-Bridge Model

In this session, participants will be introduced to a three-part framework of approaching difference.  As we go about our lives and work days, we may be exposed to ideas, people, and ways of being that are new or different than our previous experience.  How do we affirm our own values and experiences when engaging with values and experiences that may not align?  The Self-Other-Bridge model empowers individuals to practice a mode of engagement that involves critical self-reflection, perspective-taking, and dynamic collaboration.  By modeling this approach as leaders in the workplace, and encouraging staff to model it as well, we can create work environments that foster intercultural competence and productive engagement across difference.

Participants will:

Explore multiple ways of engaging with difference
Engage with a simple three-part framework that can be applied immediately
Practice applying the framework to a current workplace situation

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