Glen Kallas

HCI Faculty

Glen is the Managing Partner and founder of Camden Delta and currently
serves as a Senior Faculty Member for Human Capital Institute.
Glen’s deep experience covers the realm of human capital management
including defining human capital strategies and workforce planning
requirements for clients across the globe, effectively facilitating corporate
restructuring, growth, and change and delivering talent management excellence
in collaboration with his clients. Prior to founding Camden Delta, Glen was a
Principal with Hewitt Associates and a senior human resources leader.
He has been fortunate to work with some of the world’s largest and most
recognized companies and also has devoted significant time to helping to
improve the human capital outcomes of numerous public sector agencies
and non-profit organizations. Recent clients include Assurant, Crawford &
Company, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, HD Supply, Goodwill Industries,
and Kaiser Permanente.
He is a frequent speaker and writer on such topics as HR in the 21st Century,
Excelling in HR During Times of Change, Strategic Workforce Planning and
Creating Value through Effective Talent Management. Glen, in collaboration
with Camden Delta associates, has researched and published numerous
studies and reports on the Multi-Generational Workforce, Strategic Workforce
Planning and Employee Engagement of the U.S. Workforce.
Glen received a M.S. degree in Human Resources Management &
Development from Chapman University and a B.S. degree in Management/HR
from Seton Hall University. He is an active member in the HR Planning Society,
OD Network, the Human Capital Institute and the Society for Human Resource
Management. He also proudly served in the U.S. Army.

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