Lisa Walden

Principal & Generational Consultant, BridgeWorks

Lisa X. Walden is a Principal at BridgeWorks, one of the nation’s leading generational consulting firms. A seasoned generational researcher and consultant who crafts incisive management and marketing insights, Lisa is a sought-after expert who has been featured in publications nationwide, including Forbes, Fast Company, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal. Lisa recently co-authored BridgeWorks’ latest publication, Managing Millennials For Dummies (Wiley Publishers, 2017), and is on the forefront of cutting-edge generational research and trends. Her latest analysis of formative events led to uncovering that the Millennial generation exists as two subgroups: Early Millennials and the Recessionists.

Lisa has spearheaded many of BridgeWorks’ most complex initiatives. Her latest endeavor resulted in the creation of a comprehensive generational assessment tool that can help organizations improve recruiting, retaining, and engaging efforts. She’s applied generational theory to bridge gaps across a wide variety of industries and clients, including finance (Deloitte), manufacturing (WestRock), technology (Microsoft), health (St. Jude), entertainment (Disney), and food services (Pepsi). Some of the wide-ranging projects she’s contributed her expertise to include advising a Master Planned Community in designing a Millennial-friendly development, to building a generational content portal to help financial advisors better connect with four generations of clients.

Lisa has a B.A. in Comparative Religion from Boston University, with an emphasis on feminist theology. She’s an active member of the Minneapolis chapter of the Business Women’s Circle, and is always looking for opportunities to support women in the workplace. Lisa is a voracious reader who hungrily consumes generational research, classic literature, YA, and graphic novels.

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