Getting Executive Buy-In: Moving from Understanding to Action


DISH’s employee engagement has gone through multiple evolutionary stages since they launched their first engagement survey in 2012.  From learning how to make the right case for engagement, to building stronger partnerships with senior executives, they’ve found that action requires partnership.  Executive sponsorship and empowered HR Business Partners have driven increased participation, support, results, and improved and aligned action plans.

You will learn:

  • The importance of executive involvement in your engagement journey
  • How to create accountability with leaders to focus on the right things
  • How to create a climate where culture is everyone’s responsibility
  • The importance of closing the feedback loop


  • Strategies you can use now for executive buy-in and accountability
  • Tools to improve and build stronger partnerships with senior executives

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Becky Magnotta

Senior Manager of Talent Management, DISH Networks

Luke McCollum

Learning & Organizational Development Leader, DISH Network