Driving High-Impact Engagement in Your High-Potentials


High-potentials (HiPos) typically are the most engaged and committed segment of a company's workforce, and their respective engagement, when leveraged strategically, can evolve into a strategic asset that improves performance across the entire organization. HiPos' needs often mirror those of the broader employee base, but the intensity around those demands is usually much stronger. When recognized and supported these HiPos become force multipliers within an organization, cascading their own engagement and commitment to the broader team. GE’s XLP program currently trains over 800 participants annually across HR, leadership, and other functional areas ensuring their high-potentials everywhere are setup for success.  Join us and discover how GE develops their future-ready leaders to drive engagement through communication and feedback.

You will learn:

  • The methods used within GE to identify and select HiPos and the specific topics and skills the program covers
  • The exact exercises and tools used to provide career pathing, greater authority, and increased feedback and communication
  • Methods to create low-risk environments for HiPos that drive both skills development and engagement simultaneously
  • Strategies for easily and quickly rolling out similar tools within your own organization


  • Tools to design a development program for HiPos that can operate across the globe
  • Scalable approaches for providing continuous feedback and support throughout the program 

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Amy Speranza

Global Learning Leader, XLP and CAS Career Accelerator Programs, GE