Driven by Purpose: Tools, Tips, and Tricks on Employee Engagement from the Public Sector - Panel Presentation


Public sector employees suffer from an image problem – they are often thought of as faceless bureaucrats who are old-fashioned, stuck in their ways, and unwilling to tolerate any change to processes that were created decades ago. This negative stereotype, when coupled with frequent and abrupt changes in leadership, a strong union influence, and constraints on the use of incentives, creates a challenging environment for employee engagement.

Despite these challenges, employee engagement is far from a lost cause in the public sector. Our HR departments and leadership teams have found unique and creative ways to engage our workforce. In fact, public sector employees have something that everyone is looking for – an employee base that is driven not by profits or lifestyle, but by purpose. In this invigorating panel discussion, join public sector engagement professionals in a discussion about how they’ve been able to harness this purpose-driven workforce. We’ll discuss tips, tricks, and strategies that are not only useful for other public sector professionals, but anybody seeking creative, cost-effective, and meaningful tactics to nurture employee engagement.

You will learn:

  • Creative approaches for employee engagement when working in a constrained and highly scrutinized environment
  • How to make the case about why employee engagement is important to public sector leadership
  • Practical tips on how to tap into the purpose-driven advantage of public sector employees


  • Tips, tricks, and creative strategies for cost-effective tactics for employee engagement
  • Tools for change management in the public sector
  • Strategies for engaging an employee base that is driven not by profits or lifestyle, but by purpose

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Vince Vu

Performance and Strategy, King County, WA

Brooke Bascom

Engagement Manager, King County, WA

Trish Holliday, Ed.D.

Assistant Commissioner/Chief Learning Officer, Department of Human Resources, State of Tennessee

James Egbert

Human Capital Strategist, US Dept. of Health and Human Services