PwC’s Global People Survey Initiative – Listening Programs that Engage


The PwC’s Global People Survey initiative, our employee listening programs, have been successful in surveying more than 200,000 people from over 100 countries in the PwC network, giving us a unique opportunity to learn from our people and practices. In this session, we open that conversation to you by providing specific actions and strategies taken at each level, and how PwC incorporates employee feedback to be a top 100 place to work for 14 consecutive years.

You will learn:

  • The specific actions PwC has taken to incorporate feedback into their culture
  • The successful strategies that keeps PwC as a Top Place to Work for 14 years
  • Best practices in making engagement surveys more effective and an integrated part of the culture


  • The specific tools PwC has perfected to incorporate feedback into their culture
  • Tools used to integrate engagement surveys into everyday culture

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Jeffrey Jolton

Managing Director, PwC


Samuel Shreeve

Tax Manager, PwC

Kristen Kraus

Director, Global Human Capital, PwC

Wendy McCray-Benoit

Audit Partner, PwC