Show up for the Moments that Matter: Resilience as a Foundation for Agility


To succeed in today’s crowded global marketplace is to deliver on unbelievably ambitious goals - to produce consistently, creatively and competitively. Leaders and teams are being stretched thinner and thinner, under constant pressure to top themselves, to disrupt themselves and their organizations while maintaining their current levels of productivity for clients. In many corporate cultures, to falter or even slowdown … is to fail.

Research suggests that the right amount of pressure and stress can be good, even necessary, for people and organizations to achieve peak performance. Yet at some point, our organizations and teams begin to break down under pressure, leading to employee disengagement, lower productivity and creativity, and diminishing trust. Our humanness -– hardwired into our brains and physiology -- can be the biggest obstacle to our own and our team’s excellence, if we don’t know how to tap into it.

As leaders, the more we understand how our brains are hardwired, the more we can harness natural mechanisms for greater agility, flexibility and openness. In this presentation, we will explore how cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom and practices can enable our teams and organizations to show up fully in the moments that matter.

You will learn:

  • A cutting-edge methodology to benchmark individual capacity for change, adaptivity and agility
  • How individual and social resilience supports agility, and how our brains are wired to handle chronic stress, change and threats
  • Hands-on tools and activities that increase resilience
  • How resilience-based agility helped Intuit maintain strong and steady performance through the daily grind of customer care
  • How an Amazon leader increased his resilience to innovate and transform practices in a high-pressure culture

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Johann Berlin

CEO & Faculty, TLEX Institute

Louis Gagnon

Former Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Amazon

Rajneesh Gupta

Vice President and Global Leader of Financial Institution Segment, Intuit