Thriving in Constant Change: Developing an Adaptive Culture and Agile Leaders


Whether driven by technology, geopolitics, or disruptive competition, change is a constant in today’s business world.  Yesterday’s answers are rarely sufficient to solve today’s problems, and tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities are hard to predict.  Business leaders need the capacity to flourish in the midst of constant change, and help others do the same.  A top-down approach to define strategy, and then manage execution is inadequate.  Leaders need the ability to see the big picture, look ahead, anticipate trends, and enable their organizations to act with agility and speed. 
In this session, you will hear from your peers about how they are developing leaders to be successful in the midst of continuous change, and building cultures characterized by agility, flexibility, and innovation.
You will learn:

  • How to transform constant change from a liability to an asset
  • Why and how to create the shift in leaders - from being a traditional leader to an agile leader
  • What the attributes are of an Agile leader
  • What the role of the leader is in helping people navigate change


Shawn Oberreiter

Sr. Director, Human Resources, Equifax Workforce Solutions

Elizabeth Rayer

Partner and Head of Enterprise Learning, Vantage Partners

Sara Enlow

Head of Commercial Planning, Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.

Michael Laffin

Head of Learning and Development, Moderna Therapeutics