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The New World of Work: The Gig Economy Signature Series

Changing trends, technologies and demographics in the workplace have ushered in a new world of work. Characterized by short-term tenure and project-based work, the gig economy requires organizations to take a new, agile approach to talent management.

Key questions to consider when managing a hybrid workforce are:

  • Is my performance management process built to support internal mobility?
  • Is my workforce planning function aligned to meet changing business needs?
  • Is my employer brand strong enough to attract talent while creating a lasting alumni network of former employees?

Find answers to these questions and more, in this latest edition of HCI’s signature content series.

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Evolving Performance Management Within the New World of Work

May 11, 2016 | Annette Wellinghoff

Find out why shorter job-tenure is one reason many talent management professionals are abandoning the organizational reliance on the annual performance review. Learn how to ramp up the relationship between managers and their direct reports, and put greater emphasis on the integration of leadership development and performance conversations.